Ringworm and aromatherapy

Alopecia areata, known among the people as ringworm, is the condition of disappearance of hair in rounded areas that appear in facial areas such as the head, eyebrows and eyelashes. Although it is not contagious, it is a health condition that affects the quality of life. Although the cause is not exactly known, like many diseases, it is based on stress.

Woman looking at her fallen hair

According to a study, aromatherapy has been observed to work as well as medical treatment for ringworm. In the study, an aromatherapy oil blend is applied to a group of 86 ringworm patients divided into two groups and positive results are observed. Blend:

  • thyme essential oil (2 drops),
  • rosemary essential oil (3 drops),
  • lavender essential oil (3 drops),
  • Atlantic cedar oil (2 drops).
  • It was prepared with jojoba oil (3 milliliters) and grapeseed oil (20 milliliters) as carrier oil.

This particular blend was administered to the participants of this study for seven months. A 44% improvement was observed in 19 of 35 patients who received an aromatherapy blend.

As you can see, aromatherapy is a technique that can be used not only to improve the message and mood, but also for serious health problems. The most important thing to pay attention to when using aromatherapy is to use the oils extracted from Eastern plant species in the right proportions, as well as paying attention to the ingredients against possible allergic reactions