Differences between carrier oil and essential oil

Did you know that today there are more and more natural oils used in everything from massage to skin care?

These natural oils are divided into carrier oils and essential oils, and the biggest difference between them is how they are made. Because the way the oil is made has a big impact on how it is used.

First, carrier oils are produced by cold pressing or maceration processes. Essential oils are produced by steam distillation, which means that heat is used in their production.

So how do these methods change the uses? Since the cold pressing process does not involve heat, the range of uses for solid oils is somewhat wider, as heat can release some free fatty acids. In addition, the vitamins and some nutrients in the oil are not destroyed by cold pressing.

For these reasons, cold-pressed oils can be applied directly to the skin, while it is recommended to mix essential oils with a carrier oil or cream. This will dilute the oil's harshness. If you are wondering what carrier oils are, you can find our articles on the subject here.

Lavender oil on a table

Finally, carrier oils can be added to meals or taken directly orally , while essential oils, on the other hand, cannot be added to meals and taken orally.

As a result, all natural oils, whether solid or essential, have benefits depending on your needs. Knowing the difference between them will help you choose the oil according to your needs.