How can you produce more breast milk and why mommy tea can be an option?

Breast milk is the natural food for infants and offers many health benefits for the baby. But sometimes it can be difficult to produce enough milk to meet your baby's growing needs. Here are some tips on how to produce more breast milk.

Mom breastfeeding

Frequent feedings: Breastfeed your baby frequently and let him feed as long as he wants. This encourages a constant demand for milk and signals to your body that more milk is needed.

Drink enough water: Drink enough water to stay hydrated and support milk production.

Healthy diet: A healthy diet with adequate calories, proteins and vitamins can help increase milk production.

Relaxation: Stress can affect milk production. Take time to relax and avoid excessive stress.

Pumping: Regular pumping can increase milk production and give you the opportunity to store milk for later.

In addition to these tips, taking certain supplements and teas can also help increase milk production. One of these teas is Mami Tea from Arifoglu Bazaar . This tea contains herbs such as anise, fennel and caraway, which are traditionally used to support milk production.

Mommy Tea

It's important to note that every woman is different and milk production depends on many factors. If you're having trouble producing enough milk, talk to a doctor or lactation consultant for further support.

External factors such as stress, poor nutrition and insomnia lead to insufficient milk flow.

Particular attention should be paid to eating foods that promote milk production. Arifoglu breastfeeding tea contains a specially formulated blend of natural herbs that positively promote milk flow. Breastfeeding mothers should therefore always drink breastfeeding tea during breastfeeding.

This special breastfeeding tea is also very popular with non-mothers thanks to its gentle and soothing taste and nutmeg! The ingredients anise and fennel also promote healthy digestion. Try it - you'll love it.