How do you help your baby fall asleep more easily?

Babies cannot tell the difference between night and day after birth because they spend 9 months in the womb. Therefore, it may be difficult for you to put your baby to sleep in the first few months. With three suggestions that we give you, you can put your baby to sleep more comfortably.

Mother holding her baby

1. Gentle massages. With light massage movements that you apply to the belly, chest and wrists, you can relax your baby's muscles and prepare him for sleep. It will also be a big plus if you use natural oils such as lavender or other natural oils during the massage.

Our recommendation is INCIA COLICACID - oil complex for babies :

This special blend of natural oils will help your baby experience mental and physical relaxation. The metal ball tip makes it easy to apply and will help your baby sleep while moisturizing their skin.

2. Clear daylight and nightlight. With the simple rituals you develop before bedtime, you need to condition your baby that it is now nighttime and it is time to sleep. In this process, you can teach your baby by letting dim light or darkness help you.

3. Our main recommendation is to put your baby in the crib just before he or she falls asleep or when he or she is sleepy. By putting him or her in the crib, you are helping to establish a positive sleep relationship. If your baby falls asleep in your arms all the time, it can also be difficult for him or her to fall asleep in the crib because he or she is not familiar.

The best time to put your baby in the crib is:

  • with closed eyelids
  • when rubbing eyes
  • by not complaining