What is a horsehair brush for and how is it used?

Horsehair brushing , recommended by many to achieve soft, smooth and cellulite-free skin, is a beauty routine that has spread all over the world from Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

In its general form, the horsehair brush cleanses the toxins on the skin by supporting the lymphatic system and provides many benefits to the skin. Some of these benefits are;

  • It cleanses the dead skin. By using it as a scrub, you can remove dead skin cells, grease and dirt on the skin.
  • It accelerates blood circulation. You can support cell regeneration by accelerating blood circulation through massage with stable movements. Redness on the skin indicates the correct use of the brush, not irritation.
  • It helps to remove cellulite. The dry brushing method, which accelerates blood circulation and supports cell renewal, plumps the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • It provides an energy boost. This routine that you reserve for yourself during the day will also boost your energy and mood.

Horsehair brush

How to use a horsehair brush?

Make sure your skin is completely dry before using the brush. You can apply the brush using oval movements from the ankles towards the heart.

After the feet and legs, you can move on to the arms. You should brush your arms from bottom to top towards the armpit.

How to use a horsehair brush on the face?

If you want to use the horsehair brush on your face, be gentler. Also, using a second brush is better in terms of germ and acne formation.