Natural oils

Arifolu 'Natural Oils' offer high-quality, natural care with traditional knowledge and modern science from the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul.

Why should you prefer Natural oils products from us?

Discover natural beauty with Arifoğlu's 'Natural Oils': tradition meets modernity.

Arifoğlu, rooted for generations in the heart of the famous Spice Bazaar in Istanbul, brings the pure power of nature straight into your home with its 'Natural Oils' collection. As a pioneer in natural wellness and beauty care, Arifoğlu combines traditional knowledge with modern science to create high-quality, natural care products. Our exclusive selection of essential oils and cold-pressed carrier oils is a testament to our passion for quality and our deep connection with nature.

Why choose Arifoğlu's 'Natural Oils'?

Traditional knowledge:Inspired by the rich traditions of the Spice Bazaar, Arifoğlu uses centuries-old knowledge of natural remedies to develop products that both nourish and heal.

Purity and quality:Each product is made from the finest natural ingredients, carefully selected and processed to ensure the highest purity and effectiveness.

Versatile application:From skin and hair care to aromatherapy, our essential and cold-pressed oils offer a versatile solution for natural wellness and beauty.

Experience the pure and powerful properties of our oils, specially formulated to care for and nourish your skin and hair, and become part of a long history of natural beauty care that has its roots deep in Istanbul's historic Spice Bazaar.