Quality standards

International quality standards

At the Istanbul Avcılar facility, the products are sieved, sorted, ground and packaged under hygienic conditions in accordance with the criteria of the Turkish Food Code.

Physical, chemical, microbiological and aflatoxin analyses are carried out in our own laboratory for each product that enters our warehouses. Other requested analyses according to European criteria are analyzed in the Istanbul Provincial Control Laboratories of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. In addition, our Quality Control Department closely follows the values ​​of national and international food laboratories.

If all raw materials produced in our company comply with the values ​​of the Turkish Food Codex, the goods will continue to be accepted with the approval of the Quality Control Department.

Arifoğlu's basic principle is that all products produced comply with legal regulations, standards, procedures and human health. In line with this principle, qualified food technicians, agronomists and food engineers and technical personnel, producing high quality and safe products for consumers with all employees, the company has set itself the goal of being an example for Turkey.

Arifoğlu Group has had a Quality Assurance Management System according to TS ISO EN 22000 and a Quality Certificate according to TS EN ISO 9001: 2008 since 2007.

Spice Bazaar Arifoglu

Arifoglu since 1944

Arifoğlu set out to the historical Spice Bazaar 76 years ago to offer the natural flavors that everyone can consume safely. With the working principles that have not changed from yesterday to today, Arifoğlu quality is realized on the basis of 100% customer satisfaction at every stage from product delivery to production, from packaging to distribution and presentation. Arifoğlu, which supplies hundreds of products to millions of people, continues its commercial activities at its Istanbul Avcılar headquarters and Gaziantep Nurdağı.

Our product range

Every day we expand our wide range of spices and herbal teas, from vegetable oils to molasses, from organic products to bee products, with sauces, tomato paste, pastes and natural cosmetics.