All-purpose cleaner - Natural hygiene water

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Siveno All-Purpose Cleaner - Natural Hygiene Water

(All Purpose Natural Hygienic Water/All Purpose Natural Hygienic Water)

Versatile and safe cleaning solution for a hygienic environment


Safe for use on various surfaces
Free from parabens, SLES, SLS, silicones and synthetic oils and fragrances
Natural ingredients for gentle cleaning

How is it used?

Apply the all-purpose cleaner to the surface to be cleaned and wipe with a clean cloth. For stubborn stains and dirt, leave it to work for a little longer and then wipe off.

Why will you love this product?

Our all-purpose cleaner offers an environmentally friendly and effective cleaning solution that is also gentle on various surfaces. With its natural formula and high-quality ingredients, it is the ideal choice for a hygienic and clean environment.