Incense bundle: Lavender & Sage – freshness for home & office

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Incense bundle: Lavender & Sage – freshness for home & office

(Tutsu Demeti)

Our carefully selected incense bundle combines lavender, sage, cinnamon and orange to enrich your home and work environment with well-being and positive energy. This harmonious blend of calming and invigorating scents is ideal for creating an atmosphere of calm and concentration both at home and in the workplace.

For the home:

  • Lavender brings relaxation and calms the mind after a long day.

  • Sage cleanses the air of negative energies and promotes a harmonious living environment.

  • Cinnamon warms the atmosphere with its cozy scent and creates a feeling of security.

  • Orange gives every room a fresh touch and increases well-being.

For the office:

  • Lavender helps reduce stress and creates a relaxed working atmosphere.

  • Sage supports mental clarity and is ideal for concentration and creativity.

  • Cinnamon motivates with its sweet scent and promotes a positive mood.

  • Orange invigorates the mind and is perfect for increasing productivity.


Light the incense bundle and let the smoke gently waft through your rooms. This natural fragrance blend is perfect for creating a balancing and inspiring atmosphere both at home and in the office.


Our incense bundle is a natural way to enrich your environment and create an oasis of well-being. Ideal for anyone who wants to transform their home or office into a place of calm and positive energy.