Organic pomegranate syrup

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Organic pomegranate syrup

(Organic Nar Ekşisi)

Your culinary key to an enriched life

Experience the pure essence of nature in every bottle of our 100% Organic Turkish Pomegranate Syrup. With carefully selected antioxidants from pomegranate extract and concentrated pomegranate, this delicious syrup offers an unparalleled taste experience that will invigorate your senses.

Why you should make pomegranate an essential part of your kitchen

Rich in antioxidants:

Our pomegranate syrup, full of natural ingredients, not only adds a flavor kick to your meals but also brings the essence of pomegranate juice to your kitchen.

A touch of nature:

Enjoy the unique sweet-bitter note of our pomegranate syrup as a topping on salads, in dressings and marinades or as a creative ingredient in your culinary creations.

For the creative kitchen:

Let your creativity run wild and enrich savory dishes with sweet and sour accents that give every recipe a fruity, delicious bitter note.

Do you fall in love with our organic pomegranate syrup?

With its unique sweet-bitter character and the natural sweetness of the Turkish pomegranate, our pomegranate syrup is an ideal addition to any kitchen. This versatile syrup is perfect for refining your favorite dishes and discovering new worlds of flavor.

Experience the difference with our organic pomegranate syrup and enrich your culinary experiences in a natural way. Enjoy the variety of flavors that this exquisite syrup brings to your kitchen and make every meal a feast for the senses.

Ingredients: Made from pomegranate fruits from controlled organic cultivation.
It contains no preservatives or colorants.