Organic olive oil

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Organic olive oil Organic extra virgin olive oil

(Organic Sızma Zeytinyağı)

Discover the pure essence of the Southern Aegean with our organic olive oil. This high-quality extra virgin olive oil comes from centuries-old olive trees, whose young olives are hand-picked with great care and precision. Our olive oil is obtained through cold pressing processes that preserve all its aroma and preserve natural ingredients such as vitamin E and antioxidants.

Gentle and natural:

Our olive oil is produced without chemical treatment and is extracted from olives exclusively through mechanical processes. This ensures that the natural goodness and pure taste of the oil are preserved.

Freshness and quality:

Our olive oils are stored in special nitrogen-sealed warehouses to preserve their freshness and quality, ensuring that each bottle of olive oil reaches your table in the best condition.

Perfect for your kitchen:

Ideal for salad dressings, cooking or simply enjoying with a piece of bread. Our organic olive oil not only adds flavour to every meal, but its natural content also supports a healthy diet.

Experience the difference with our organic olive oil, which comes directly from nature to your kitchen.

Enjoy the luxurious taste and countless health benefits of our carefully crafted organic extra virgin olive oil.