Organic Propolis Extract (Water Soluble) - Natural Protection from Nature

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Organic Propolis Extract (Water Soluble) 50mL.

(Organic Propolis Extract - Su Bazlı)

Concentrated propolis extract for versatile applications


  • High-quality organic propolis extract (water-soluble) from Arifoğlu

  • Obtained from the Black Sea highlands and the Eastern Anatolian region

  • Water-soluble formulation for easy application

  • Contains enzymes produced by bees and rich phenolic compounds

  • Concentrated and powerful in its effect

  • Natural protection against external factors and microorganisms

How is it used?

The organic propolis extract (water-soluble) can be taken directly or added to liquid or solid foods. A small amount of the extract is sufficient to benefit from its natural properties. Shake well before use.

Why will you love this product?

Arifoğlu Organic Propolis Extract (Water Soluble) offers you natural protection from nature. Our concentrated extract is produced with high-quality technologies and contains enzymes produced by bees and rich phenolic compounds. Thanks to its water-soluble formulation, it is easy to apply and can be used in many ways. You will feel the powerful effect of the propolis extract and protect yourself from external influences in a natural way. Trust in the quality of Arifoğlu and experience the benefits of our Organic Propolis Extract (Water Soluble).

Water-based propolis extract: It contains no alcohol, glycerin, glycerine, emulsifier and any harmful chemicals.