Fajita Seasoning

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Fajita Seasoning

(Fajita Baharat)

Transform your kitchen with a touch of Mexico

Bring the authentic taste of Mexico straight to your table with our Fajita Seasoning 230gr. This versatile seasoning is the perfect choice to add that special something to your dishes. With a carefully balanced blend of traditional Mexican spices, including strong onion notes, our Fajita seasoning adds distinctive depth and warmth to any meal.

Versatile uses:

Our fajita seasoning is incredibly versatile. It is perfect for salads, pasta and of course for classic Mexican dishes like fajitas. This seasoning is also ideal for marinating meat and chicken or as a special kick for grilled dishes.

Why you will love our fajita seasoning:

In addition to its robust and spicy flavor, our fajita seasoning is easy to use. A small amount is enough to give your dishes an explosive variety of flavors that will delight your guests. Whether for a quick weeknight dinner or an extended weekend barbecue, our fajita seasoning turns any meal into a festive event.

Perfect for every kitchen:

Whether you're a passionate home cook or simply want to try new flavors in your kitchen, our Fajita Seasoning offers a simple and effective way to expand and enhance your cooking skills.

Treat yourself to the Mexican cuisine experience with our exquisite fajita seasoning. Order now and start discovering the delicious and complex flavors of Mexico!

Contents: Onion (22%), sweet ground pepper (21%), pepper (6%), salt (6%), garlic, chili powder, onion, coriander, turmeric.