Breakfast spice

It will be an indispensable part of breakfast.

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Breakfast spice

(Calorie content 45 grams)

Liven up your breakfast experience with Arifoğlu 'Breakfast Spice'

Start each day in the best possible way with Arifoğlu 'Breakfast Spice', a finely balanced blend specially designed to make the most important meal of the day extra special. Packed in a convenient 45g shaker, this spice brings a world of flavors straight to your breakfast table.

A touch of variety for your morning:

  • With olive oil: Transform simple olive oil into a delicious dipping sauce for your bread – a treat that is appreciated in many German households.

  • In egg dishes: Add an extra touch to your scrambled eggs or omelets to start your morning with flavor.

  • For sauces and fries: Expand the use beyond breakfast and enjoy this versatile spice in your favorite sauces or give your fries a distinctive flavor.

Why the 'Breakfast Spice' will become your new morning favorite:

In Germany, where breakfast is a time of gathering and enjoyment, our 'Breakfast Spice' offers you the perfect opportunity to combine tradition with innovation. It is not just a spice mix, but a symbol of attention to detail and quality that enriches your morning routine and turns every day into a little celebration.

Make every morning special:

With Arifoğlu 'Breakfast Spice' you invite taste and variety to your breakfast table. It is the perfect complement for a culture that sees breakfast not as a simple meal, but as an opportunity to start the day with joy and satisfaction.

Chili powder, mustard, red pepper, coriander, pepper, onion, salt, garlic, parsley