Golden Grass Tea / Everlasting Flower

A must for digestion

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Golden Grass

(Golden Otu/Olmez Otu/Everlasting Flower)

Discover the secret of natural vitality with Golden Grass Tea

Golden Grass Tea, carefully crafted from the Helichrysum Arenarium plant, known as immortelle or goldenrod, is a true gift from nature. This tea, with no added flavors, preservatives or additives, offers a pure and authentic tea experience that supports your body and mind.

Versatile support for your well-being:

  • Prostate Health: Golden Grass Tea may help promote healthy urine flow and support the prostate.

  • Relief of digestive problems: It can have a calming effect on the stomach and intestines and help in managing flatulence, constipation and diarrhea.

  • Strengthening the immune system: Rich in antioxidants, the tea could provide valuable support for the immune system.

  • Calming the nervous system: Additionally, the tea can help reduce stress and anxiety by having a relaxing effect on the nervous system.

Preparation for optimal effect:

To prepare it, add 3-4 Golden Grass flowers to hot water and let it brew for 10-15 minutes. To soften the bitter taste, you can add a little honey. Enjoy a cup of this valuable tea every day to experience the full range of its benefits.

Why Golden Grass Tea will be your new favorite drink:

Golden Grass Tea is not just a drink, but an invitation to explore the diversity of nature and experience a piece of its untouched power. Whether as a daily routine to support your health or as a calming treat in the evening - this tea will delight you with its rich heritage and unique taste.

Golden Grass Tea / Everlasting Flower