Green tea

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Green tea (bud)

(Yeşil Cay Tomurcuk)

Enjoy the pure experience with Arifoğlu Green Tea (Bud)

Arifoğlu presents you Green Tea in its finest form - as a bud, packed in 150g to bring you the essence of real freshness. This green tea, carefully selected and rich in natural antioxidants, not only provides protection for your cells and tissues, but is also a natural companion to increase your vitality.

More than just a tea:

  1. Antioxidant power: With a high antioxidant content, this tea could support cell protection.
  2. Metabolism-boosting potential: Enriched with caffeine and catechins, it could boost the metabolism.
  3. Possible calming effect: Amino acids such as L-theanine may calm the nervous system and help reduce stress.
  4. Health Supplement: As a low-calorie option with no artificial flavors or additives, it could be a healthy addition to your diet.

Simple and versatile in preparation:

Whether enjoyed hot for a warming break or cold as a refreshing drink, Arifoğlu Green Tea (Bud) offers you countless ways to enjoy it. A brewing time of 2-3 minutes is ideal to fully enjoy its unique taste and benefits.

Why Green Tea (Bud) will become your new favorite drink:

Discover the difference that organic green tea leaves can make. Arifoğlu Green Tea (Bud) offers an unparalleled tea experience that will enhance your well-being and take you on a journey through the world of tea.

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