Green tea with orange & lemon

Refreshing boost

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Green tea with orange & lemon

(Portait-Limonlu Green Tea)

Enjoy a new tea experience with Arifoğlu: Green tea meets citrus freshness

Arifoğlu invites you to liven up your everyday life with a cup of Green Tea with Orange & Lemon. This 150g pack is not just a tea, but an invitation to awaken the senses and be inspired by the invigorating power of nature. With a blend that combines the mild strength of green tea with the zesty freshness of orange and lemon, this tea could become a highlight of your day.

A kaleidoscope of advantages:

  • Pure refreshment: The subtle aroma of jasmine flowers could invigorate the spirit and provide gentle refreshment.

  • Gentle Antioxidant Support: The natural antioxidants in green tea may play a role in protecting the body’s cells.

  • A touch of vitality: The natural vitality of caffeine, coupled with the calming effect of jasmine, could contribute to a balanced distribution of energy throughout the day.

  • Gentle way to boost concentration: Explore how this tea could help gently increase concentration while creating a calming atmosphere.

How to prepare the perfect tea:

Dissolve 2-3 teaspoons of the tea in hot water and let it brew for 5-7 minutes to achieve an ideal balance between strength and aroma. If desired, you can enrich the tea with a slice of lemon or a spoonful of honey.

Discover why this tea will become your new favorite:

Arifoğlu Green Tea with Orange & Lemon is more than a drink – it is an experience that highlights the natural sweetness of life. This special blend, which can be enjoyed at any time of the day, invites you to enjoy a moment of peace and indulge in its potential benefits for body and mind.

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