Book of Mormon and Ritual Set: Lavanta-Adaçayı-Gül

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Incense bundle set: Lavender, sage & rose – harmony for your home

2x Lavender

1x Rose Sage

Immerse yourself in the world of natural aromas with our carefully curated lavender, sage and rose incense bundle set. This set is not only a means of purifying the air, but also serves to harmonize and renew the energy in your living spaces. Each herb in this set has been selected for its unique properties and positive effect on the environment.

Lavender: Calming and Peace

Lavender is known for its calming effect that reduces stress and tension. It promotes restful sleep and brings peace to your home.

Sage: Clarification and protection

Sage is traditionally used for energetic cleansing and protection against negative energies. It purifies the air, promotes mental clarity and strengthens well-being.

Rose: Love and harmony

With its captivating scent, rose brings love and positive vibes into every room. It helps to open the heart and harmonizes feelings.


Light one end of the incense bundle and let the smoke gently flow through your room. Use this time for meditation or to simply enjoy the renewing energy. Our set is perfect for daily rituals to transform your home into an oasis of calm and positive energy.

Why choose our set?

Our incense bundles are handmade from natural, carefully selected ingredients. They not only offer a pleasant scent, but also support your well-being and create a special atmosphere in your home. Discover the power of nature with our lavender, sage and rose incense bundle set and bring harmony into your life.