Lily oil

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White lily oil

(Sweet Oil)

The treasure that nature offers for your beauty care!

Discover the secret of radiant beauty with our White Lily Oil, extracted from the delicate flowers of the Lilium candidum. This oil is not only a feast for the senses with its subtle, herbal scent, but also a powerful ally for your skin and hair care.

Diverse uses and benefits of white lily oil:

  1. Promote Skin Health: White lily oil can gently cleanse and tone the skin by helping to lighten pigmented skin, age spots and freckles. Its restorative and soothing properties make it ideal for hand care preparations, night creams and body lotions.
  2. Strengthening and Shining Hair: In addition to minimizing hair breakage and hair loss, this oil can prevent dandruff and give hair a healthy shine.
  3. Medicinal Uses: White lily oil is used in the treatment of various inflammatory and infectious diseases due to its hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. It is effective in the treatment of dry cough and inflammatory diseases of the throat.

    How to use white lily oil?

    For skin care: Mix a few drops with your favorite moisturizer or carrier oil. It is great for massaging the face and neck to smooth wrinkles and reduce pigmentation. For

    Hair care: Add 10 drops to your shampoo for extra care and shine.

    Why White Lily Oil is a Must-Have:

    In addition to its cosmetic benefits, the scent of White Lily Oil soothes the senses and provides a relaxing experience for body and mind. It is a true all-rounder for all skin types and supports natural beauty and well-being.

    Safety and application instructions:

    It is important to remember that essential oils, including lily oil, should not be applied directly to the skin due to their high concentrations. Diluted application with carrier oils such as almond or jojoba oil is important to prevent skin irritation.


    Please note that the effect may vary from individual to individual. This product is not intended as medical advice. For specific concerns, we recommend consulting a specialist.

    Lily oil.