Anadoa Luffa Orchid Natural Soap - Handmade

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Anadoa Luffa Orchid Natural Soap - Handmade

(Lif Kabağı Lifli Orkid Soap)

Soap for skin care.
It moisturizes the skin.
It is used to cleanse the skin of dirt.
It has a peeling effect on the skin.
Reduces cracking of the skin when used regularly.
With its special formula, it keeps the skin supple, supports a youthful appearance and protects the skin from the signs of aging.
It also eliminates color irregularities and supports skin regeneration.

How is it used?

Soak the fiber part of the soap in a little hot water and lather it in your hand. Then you can spread the soap in circular motions without applying too much pressure to your face with the fiber part. Leave the lather on your face for at least 2 minutes and apply the fiber part again. Then rinse your face with cold water.

Who should use it?

It is also an indispensable soap for people with skin blemishes.
It is also a special soap for people with cracks in their skin after childbirth.
Especially for people with dry skin
Provides a peeling effect on the skin.
Moisturizes the skin.

! Since our soaps do not contain any chemical hardeners, you must keep them dry.