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Natural liquid detergent for babies - gentle cleaning for delicate baby clothes

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Siveno Natür liquid detergent for babies

(Natural Baby Laundry Soap/ Natural Baby Laundry Soap)

Experience effective and environmentally friendly cleaning with Siveno Baby Natural Liquid Detergent.


Effective cleaning: Siveno Baby Natural liquid detergent with coconut oil and carbonate ensures effective and gentle cleaning of all baby clothes.

Dermatologically tested: The natural liquid detergent for babies has been dermatologically tested and is therefore particularly gentle on baby skin.

Vegan and environmentally friendly: The natural formula is vegan and environmentally friendly as it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Gentle on baby skin: Thanks to its natural ingredients, the detergent does not harm sensitive baby skin and can be used without hesitation.

Without additional fabric softener: The highly concentrated formula enables thorough cleaning without the use of additional fabric softener.

Free from harmful substances: The liquid detergent does not contain phosphates, synthetic fragrances, phenoxyethanol, SLS/SLES, chlorine, ammonia, parabens or dyes.

Vegan certified: Siveno does not conduct animal testing and is awarded the Cruelty-Free certificate.

Environmentally friendly packaging: Siveno uses recyclable packaging to minimize environmental impact and cause no damage to subsoil and sea water.


The natural liquid detergent is suitable for all temperatures (hot and cold). Due to its high concentration, it is recommended to use 1 capful for 4-5 kg ​​of laundry, which is enough for up to 25 washes. It is not necessary to use additional fabric softener.

Why will you love this product?

Experience effective and environmentally friendly cleaning with Siveno Baby Natural Liquid Detergent. Enriched with coconut oil and carbonate, it cleans baby clothes thoroughly and gently. Enjoy the feeling of clean and well-cared-for baby clothes - with a detergent that is free of harmful substances and respects the environment.