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Olive leaf liquid extract

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Olive Leaf Liquid Extract 200mL.

(Olive Leaf Extract / Olea europaea L.)


  • It helps to strengthen the immune system.
  • It is effective in weight control.
  • It offers support against winter illnesses.
  • It helps against herpes.

How is it used?

Our product is not a medicine, but a food supplement. Adults aged 11 and over are recommended to take 10 ml (1 tablespoon) daily in the morning on a full stomach.

Why will you love this product?

This special dietary supplement with its mild taste offers the nutritional value and protection that you and your loved ones need.

Contents: Deionized water (excipient, 8530 mg, 85.1%, glycerin (thickener, 1260 mg, 1260 mg, 12.6%, E 422), olive leaf extract (active ingredient, 200 mg, 2%), ascorbic acid (acidity regulator, 20 mg, 0.2%, E 300, potassium sorbate (preservative, 10 mg, 0.1%, E 202).