Original Rusur (peeling stone) 3 pieces

Natural peeling

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Original Rushur (Peeling Stone) 3 pieces

(Rusur Tası)


The original Rushur stone from Iran is a natural peeling for fine porcelain skin.

The fine dust pigments of the Rushur (Ruşur taşı) stone can help lighten various types of spots, such as sun spots, birth marks, age spots, impure pores, traces of acne, and many more.

With regular use, the skin begins to smoothen and creates an even tone. The Rushur stone is very well-known and popular in the Orient and is considered a natural secret cosmetic product.

It can help remove dead skin and improve skin texture.

How is it used?

Break the stone as much as necessary. Make it crumbs by adding rose water or water. Apply to damp and clean skin. Massage the area with circular movements for a minute and then wash or preferably wipe with rose water.

Why will you love this product?

This special stone has a soft texture that is easy to break. You can enjoy an exfoliation while benefiting from the many advantages of this gift of nature.