Ottoman spices

Historical spice blend

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Ottoman spices

(Osmanli Baharat)

Immerse yourself in the flavors of the empire with Arifoğlu 'Ottoman Spices'

Discover the culinary diversity and historical richness of Ottoman cuisine with Arifoğlu's 'Ottoman Spices'. This exclusive 50g spice blend is a tribute to the opulent flavors that were prepared over centuries in palaces and houses of the Ottoman Empire.

Universally applicable for an exquisite taste explosion:

Whether in traditional casseroles, hearty oven dishes with vegetables and meat, in pasta with minced meat or when refining roast beef - a spoonful of this mixture is enough to give your dishes a depth and complexity that will take your taste buds on a journey through time.

Why 'Ottoman Spices' will win your heart:

  • Tastes steeped in history: Let yourself be enchanted by the aromas that once characterized Ottoman cuisine and now cause a sensation in your own kitchen.

  • Variety in every dish: From juicy meatballs to fried meat – this spice mixture is your secret for versatile and always successful meals.

  • High-quality ingredients: Arifoğlu is committed to using only the finest natural ingredients so that you can enjoy the authentic flavors of the Ottoman Empire.

Become the master chef of your kitchen:

With 'Ottoman Spices' by Arifoğlu you not only bring a touch of history to your dishes, but also a wealth of flavors that will enrich your cuisine and give every meal a royal touch.

28% cumin (ground), 8% thyme, 6% chili powder, 3% salt, dried garlic, rosemary, coriander (ground), pepper (ground), yeast extract.