Ottoman Coffee

A traditional taste

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Ottoman Coffee

(Osmalı Coffee, 250gr)

A sip of tradition – Experience the taste of the Orient

Immerse yourself in the world of traditional Ottoman coffee, a journey through time full of aroma and history. Each cup of our coffee opens a window to the heart of Istanbul, where the essence of the Bosphorus and the vibrant life of the city come alive in every sip.

Unique aroma that enchants

Our coffee stands for quality and tradition. With each preparation, the rich heritage of Ottoman coffee culture is revealed, accompanied by a distinctive aroma that takes your senses to the alleys of Istanbul.

Preparation – A ritual that connects

Preparing our Ottoman coffee is an act of dedication. Start with cold water, add coffee and sugar and let the brew slowly come to life. The result? A full-bodied coffee, topped with a fine foam that combines tradition and pleasure in every cup.

Why Ottoman coffee?

Our coffee is more than just a drink; it is an invitation to celebrate the quiet moments and experience the culture of a rich heritage. It is a promise of quality and authenticity that transforms your coffee moments into a ceremony of taste and relaxation.

Discover the Ottoman way of enjoying coffee – an experience that takes you straight to the shores of the Bosphorus with every cup you sip.