Anadoa plane tree natural soap - Handmade

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Anadoa plane tree natural soap - Handmade

(Cinar Sabunu)

Sycamore soap is good for the skin condition known as eczema among people, which causes excessive dryness and itchiness of the skin. The combination of the bark of the Sycamore tree, Himalayan salt and sulfur with the base in our glycerin soaps creates a wonderful soap that eliminates skin dryness and ends itching quickly.

How is it used?

Leave the foam on your face for at least 2 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Anadoa soaps offer the most natural cleansing, not only for exfoliation but also for cleansing the body and hair.

Who should use it?

People with eczema

People with skin diseases

People with conditions that cause dryness and itching

! Since our soaps do not contain any chemical hardeners, you must keep them dry.