Liquid dietary supplement containing propolis extract 30mL

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Hünnap liquid food supplement containing propolis extract

(Propolis Extract Powder Food Grade)

Discover the power of nature with our highly pure propolis – your natural protective shield!

Propolis, the miracle from the hive, has been known for centuries for its exceptional protective and healing properties. Extracted from the industriousness of bees, this natural resin offers powerful protection against physical, chemical and biological threats. Our propolis is a reflection of the purity and natural efficiency that nature has to offer.

Pure propolis: A natural gift in its purest form

Our pure propolis is obtained through a careful extraction process in which the raw resin is first freed from gross impurities. By dissolving it in a solvent and then removing it, we guarantee the highest purity of our propolis. This process ensures that you can enjoy all the natural benefits of propolis without compromise.

Alcohol-free propolis: The gentle alternative

For our customers who prefer an alcohol-free option, we offer our alcohol-free propolis. After the propolis is extracted, the alcohol is carefully removed and the propolis extract is dissolved in water. This gentle method preserves the valuable ingredients of the propolis while providing a safer choice for all ages and lifestyles.

Why choose our propolis?

  • Natural protection: Use the antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties of propolis to strengthen your immune system.

  • Highest purity: Our special extraction process gives you a product of unsurpassed quality.

  • Alcohol-free option: Enjoy the benefits of propolis without alcohol, ideal for anyone who wants or needs to avoid alcohol.

Immerse yourself in the world of propolis and experience how nature can enrich your everyday life. Our pure and alcohol-free propolis is more than just a product - it is a piece of quality of life, straight from the beehive to your home.

! Our products do not contain any thickeners, preservatives, colorants or additives.

Pure propolis extract 15%. Pure water 85%