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Propolis mouth spray - natural care for the oral cavity

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Propolis mouth spray - natural care for the oral cavity

(Propolis Extract Spray)

The power of nature for your oral health


  • Made from pure propolis, the most powerful natural substance

  • No chemical additives such as alcohol, glycol or emulsifiers

  • Protects against external influences and microorganisms

  • Supports the natural cleaning and care of the oral cavity

How is it used?

Spray the propolis mouth spray directly into the mouth and let it work for a few seconds. Repeat as needed, especially before going to bed or after eating.

Why will you love this product?

Our Propolis mouth spray offers a natural and effective way to support oral health. With its pure propolis formulation without chemical additives, it is gentle and kind to the oral mucosa. Experience the powerful properties of propolis and enjoy a fresh and clean feeling in your mouth.