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Pure & Natural Olive Oil Liquid Soap: Deep Cleansing and Moisturizing

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Pure & Natural Olive Oil Liquid Soap

(Natural Soap - Zeytin Soap/ Pure & Natural Soap Hand & Body)

Gentle hand care with natural olive oil soap.


Deep cleansing: The olive oil liquid soap cleanses the skin thoroughly and leaves a soft, smooth feeling on the hands.

Intensive moisture: While cleansing, it deeply moisturizes the skin and keeps it supple.

Dermatologically tested: The soap has been dermatologically tested and is gentle on the skin.

Natural formula: Contains natural olive oil soap for gentle hand care without harmful ingredients.

Environmentally friendly packaging: Sustainable packaging to protect the environment.


Apply an appropriate amount to wet hands and rinse thoroughly with water.

Why will you love this product?

Experience deep cleansing and moisturizing with the Pure & Natural Olive Oil Liquid Soap. Enjoy gentle hand care with natural ingredients and leave your hands feeling soft and smooth.