Rose soap

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Rose Soap 125gr - Natural Care from Arifoğlu Natür

(Gul Sabunu)

Experience natural purity and sensual care with our handmade rose soap from the Arifoğlu Natür series. This special soap, made from the finest natural ingredients, offers you luxurious care for skin and hair.

Product features:

  • Handmade and natural: Each of our rose soaps is carefully made by hand, using only the purest ingredients. Experience the special quality and effectiveness of a genuine handmade soap.
  • Versatile: Our rose soap is ideal for daily skin cleansing and as a nourishing hair soap. It provides gentle cleansing and leaves your skin and hair soft and cared for.
  • For sensitive skin: Ideal for people with sensitive and dry skin. The rose soap gently nourishes without drying out the skin and promotes a healthy skin barrier thanks to its natural ingredients.
  • Seductive scent: The natural scent of roses pampers your senses and turns daily body care into a relaxing, luxurious experience.

Advantages of our rose soap:

  • Skin compatibility: Free from harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and dyes. Our rose soap is safe and compatible for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.
  • Environmentally friendly: We attach great importance to sustainable production. Our soaps are biodegradable and are delivered in environmentally friendly packaging.

Discover the benefits of our rose soap for natural, gentle and effective skin and hair care. Pamper yourself with the Arifoğlu Natür series and turn your daily care into a special experience.