Safflower seed oil

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Safflower seed oil: natural care for body and mind

(Aspirin Oil)

Discover the comprehensive benefits of our Safflower Seed Oil, extracted from the precious seeds of the Carthamus Tinctorius plant. This 50mL oil is your natural ally, with its multiple properties to promote both your health and your beauty.

Main features and benefits:

  • Blood circulation and menstrual cycle: Supports the regulation of blood circulation and the menstrual cycle by balancing hormones.

  • Digestive: Speeds up the digestive system and supports healthy digestion.

  • Skin care: Intensive hydration makes the skin appear smoother and more vibrant. Effective against blackheads, pores, signs of aging, dandruff, acne, scars and blemishes.

  • Anti-aging: Provides an effective anti-aging effect that makes the skin look younger.

Application recommendations:

  • Consumption: For internal care, add 2-3 drops to a glass of warm water and enjoy the benefits of safflower seed oil.

  • Skin care: Apply twice daily to the desired skin area and massage in gently.

Why choose safflower seed oil:

Safflower seed oil offers a unique combination of internal and external use that benefits your body and skin. The rich composition nourishes and revitalizes, while also providing supportive properties for digestion and general well-being. With safflower seed oil, you choose a path to a natural, healthy and youthful radiance.


Please note that the effect may vary from individual to individual. This product is not intended as medical advice. For specific concerns, we recommend consulting a specialist.

Contents: safflower seeds, vitamin B