Black grape extract

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Organic Black Grape Extract

(Kara Uzüm Özü)

A touch of nature in your daily routine

Discover the power of nature:

Cell protection through antioxidants:

Our organic black grape extract is a true powerhouse of antioxidants that actively fight free radicals and protect your cells from oxidative stress.

Heart in the right place:

Enrich your cardiovascular system with the natural goodness of black grapes. This extract not only supports heart health but also promotes blood circulation.

Clear mind and sharp perception:

Research suggests that regular consumption of black grape extract is associated with improved cognitive functions, keeping you mentally alert and alert.

Radiant skin, naturally cared for:

Treat your skin to an extra dose of care with the skin-protecting properties of our grape extract, which will make it naturally radiant.

Simple and versatile application:

Start your day with a dessert spoon of our extract – pure, in breakfast or dissolved in water. An ideal addition to your children's juice mix.

Discover the sweet difference:

With its slightly sweet taste, our organic black grape extract will quickly become your favorite alternative to everyday sweets.

Black grapes are not only delicious, but also packed with vitamins such as C, A, and K as well as essential antioxidants. With our extract, you can use these valuable ingredients in concentrated form for your well-being.

A notice:

According to the relevant laws and regulations, the advertising of herbal food supplements using disease names or specific indications is not permitted. Our products are not medicines, but serve as herbal supplements.

Organic Black Grape Extract