Black Thyme Tea

A gift against coughing

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Black Thyme Tea

(Zahter Tea)

Discover the versatility of Black Thyme Tea

A natural choice for respiratory health and more

Black thyme tea, famous for its distinctive aroma and potential health benefits, could be your ally in taking care of your respiratory system. This tea, enriched with healing ingredients, could help open the airways and allow you to breathe more freely. In addition, it could help relieve coughs and make it easier to cough up mucus. A cup of black thyme tea not only promises warmth and well-being, but also a boost to the immune system.

Tradition meets respiratory support

More than just a beverage, black thyme tea has been traditionally valued for its potential support for respiratory problems. The natural components may have a soothing effect on coughs and help loosen mucus, making it an important part of any tea collection, especially during the cold season.

Preparation: Simple and effective

The preparation of this tea is straightforward: a teaspoon of the herb brewed in hot water could release its healing powers. Refined with a dash of lemon and honey, it becomes a delicious treat that warms both the body and the soul.

More than just a tea

In addition to its use as a soothing beverage, black thyme, also known as zahtera, can enhance meals as a spice or serve as an aromatic breakfast sauce when combined with salt, sesame and marjoram. Discover the variety of flavors that black thyme has to offer and let yourself be enchanted by its special aromas.

Experience for yourself how black thyme tea could improve your well-being with every cup. It is not only a natural support for your respiratory system, but also an enrichment for your tea culture and cuisine.

Zahter - Black Thyme