Alexandrian Senna Leaf Tea - Senna Leaf Tea

Your boost for detoxification

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Alexandrian Senna Leaf Tea - Senna Leaf Tea


Discover the natural power of Alexandrian Senna leaf tea

With Arifoğlu's carefully selected Alexandrian Senna leaf tea, you can experience the healing properties of one of the oldest natural remedies. This 50g tea is not only a pioneer for improved digestion and detoxification, but also your daily companion for healthy well-being.

Your natural solution for digestive problems:

  • Promotes digestion: Senna leaves naturally support digestion and effectively help relieve constipation.

  • Relief from stomach discomfort: Experience relief from stomach pain and cramps and reduce bloating and belching thanks to the soothing properties of the tea.

  • Natural energy boost: Feeling tired and drained? Senna leaf tea can help you overcome fatigue and boost your energy naturally.

  • Effective detoxification: Support your body in detoxification and strengthen your immune system. Also enjoy the positive effects on your skin.

Application – so simple, so effective:

For optimal preparation, add 10 leaves to 200 ml of boiling water and let the tea brew for 5-6 minutes. After removing the leaves, enjoy your tea slightly cooled. An exciting tip: try the tea in coffee for a unique taste.

Why this tea is your new must-have:

A valued natural remedy known for its positive effects on weight loss and as a “natural laxative” since ancient times, Alexandrian Senna Leaf Tea sets new standards in natural health care.

Alexandrian Senna Leaf Tea / Senna Leaf Tea