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Kese Hamam peeling glove - colorful and elastic standard.

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Kese Hammam Peeling Glove - Colorful and Elastic Standard.

Our Exfoliating Gloves Kese Hamam Peeling Gloves are the perfect tool for radiant skin.

The silk peeling glove for sensitive skin gently removes dry and dead skin cells from the face and body and thoroughly cleanses the pores of dirt, grease and deposits that can lead to pimples.

It shrinks enlarged pores and helps remove blackheads and skin congestion.

The body scrub is particularly suitable for women and is perfect for preparing for the next tanning session, as it prepares the skin in the best possible way so that it lasts longer and has a more even effect.

Regular use can help fade acne scars and prevent future breakouts.

The peeling glove is also ideal for exfoliating the face and makes it easier to apply make-up, which then looks more even.

It even removes artificial tan within seconds without chemicals and without pain.

Use our peeling glove for smooth, supple and radiant skin.