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Sumac syrup

Add flavour to your salads and dishes

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Sumac syrup

(Sumak Exisi 250 ml)

Add natural acidity to your meals

Experience the distinctive taste of sumac in a new, liquid form with our Sumac Syrup 250 ml. This high-quality syrup is the perfect addition to a variety of dishes and salads by adding a pleasant, natural acidity that takes the taste of your favorite recipes to a whole new level.

Possible uses:

Easy to use, you can add any amount of our sumac syrup to your dishes and salads for a touch of sophisticated acidity and freshness. Its versatile nature makes it ideal for creative cooking, from simple everyday dishes to special occasions.

Why you will love sumac syrup:

Sumac is known for its health-promoting properties, including its antioxidant effects. Our sumac syrup is not only a delicious addition to your kitchen, but also supports a healthy diet. The natural acidity of sumac offers an exciting alternative to traditional acidifiers and naturally enhances the flavor of your meals.

Ideal for:

  • Culinary enthusiasts who want to explore new flavors.
  • People who want to enrich their meals with natural ingredients.
  • Anyone looking for a healthy alternative to conventional acidifiers.

Order now and discover how our Sumac Syrup 250 ml can enrich the taste of your kitchen!

Sumac syrup